Decorative Gravels & Aggregates

Decorative Aggregate Gravel Driveway

Gravels are usually sized between 2 mm and 60 mm and may be rounded, when from a marine or dredged source, or angular when quarried and crushed. Gravels have many uses in the construction industry, some of which are used structurally for bedding pipes on and some are used in a more decorative way on paths and driveways and landscaping. With a wide range of colours and textures its easy to find one that will fit your requirements.


  • Not as costly as most other hard standing
  • Good water drainage
  • Wide choice of colours and textures
  • Quick to install

How to fit a Gravel area

Excavate to reduced depth of at least 150mm below finished level lay and compact minimum of 110mm of crushed stone as a sub-base. You are best at this point to fit a weed suppressant membrane and something around the area you want to gravel to stop the gravel going everywhere. Path edges or bricks etc are ideal for this. Once these are concreted in place then you can infill with your chosen aggregate. Take care not to put your aggregate in too deep, 40mm is sufficient. Then consolidate this as well to take out any settlement if possible use a triangulated gravel for driving on as there is less movement in these.

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